The Whole 30 Diet Plan Review – Daddy Has a Whole New Wardrobe

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I successfully finished my Whole30 experiment! And I wanted to add this Whole 30 diet plan review to summarize the journal I blogged during the 30 days.

It is a story of the good, bad, and ugly.

I started out as a fat man. I ended as a skinnier fat man.

But it is all good.

As far as low carb diet programs go, Whole 30 program works well for me. And this Whole 30 diet plan review is my testament to it. And that anyone considering weight loss diet programs should learn more about it.older well dressed gentleman

My new healthy lifestyle is just beginning!

The good things about the Whole 30 diet plan

​I completed my commitment to start and finish the Whole30 program.

I accomplished most of my goals.

  • ​I learned to think differently about food.
  • I have more energy and stamina.
  • I feel BETTER.
  • I learned that I would not be hungry during the day when I included the recommended levels of protein and good fats in my meals.
  • I learned that I did not need snacks (healthy or otherwise) to make it to the next meal.
  • I learned to make good food choices. In other words, actively engage my brain before reaching for a food item.
  • I learned new kitchen and cooking skills. (I also learned I am a messy cook.)
  • I learned new recipes.
  • I created new recipes.
  • There is good collateral damage. The family eats better now that they have a choice between what I cook and what my wife cooks. I still can’t get all of them to eat more veggies.
  • I learned that my old way of eating was destructive. I had reached the point before starting the Whole30 program that I needed to talk to my gastroenterologist about IBS. But the doctor’s office rescheduled my appointment due to a scheduling conflict. So I did not see my doctor until towards the end of the 30 day period. Good thing. All the digestive system issues went away during the Whole30 program!
  • I am ready to start the next phase, which will include more gym time.
  • My left elbow tendonitis is gone.

The bad things about the Whole 30 diet plan

  • I now ha​ve a turkey neck. My face and neck are not as plump as before. So I have some loose skin on my neck.
  • I spend more time cooking. I love to eat! Cooking, not so much. Good thing I bought an Instant Pot, which cut down on the cooking time.
  • We talk about food more now. Not so sure this is a bad thing except for those who don’t want hear food talk.
  • I still have no hair on top of my head. I guess Whole30 does not do everything. (A bald guy can always hope.)
  • My lower back pain is still with me. Physical therapy is helping to strengthen hip and upper leg muscles, which is helping my lower back.

The ugly things about the Whole 30 diet plan

  • The first 10 days of the Whole 30 experiment was ugly. My body and mind were reacting to the lack of sugar and processed foods. I cannot imagine how much harder it would have been if I were a regular consumer of soda and junk food.
  • ​Realizing the marketing myth that low fat and no sugar products are good for you is not true. And that companies can still misrepresent what they sell to us.
  • The government and medical establishment do not have your best interests in mind when it comes to nutrition. Many diets should have long term research projects done to verify or disprove effectiveness. But there is little incentive to do the research unless there is potential for a “big profit payoff” at the end.

The Whole 30 diet results

Daddy has a new wardrobe! Actually a closet full of clothes that now fit.


Whole 30 is one of the best weight loss diet programs available that I have done. The non-scale victories (not measured by a scale) such as making better food choices, having more energy, feeling better, and others should last a lifetime.

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