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I created this site to help other seniors lose belly fat

Glen Palo, owner of Home Business for Veterans

​Glen Palo here. I am just an old guy wanting to lose weight.

I have restarted my journey to improve my health. Especially, after a difficult year.

I believe I can answer the question, “can seniors lose belly fat?”

I also believe we can adjust our diets and lifestyles to improve our health and help our bodies shed fat. Specifically, belly fat. I am neither a doctor or a nutritionist. But I have experience as a fat man. And the dryer did not shrink my clothes. The refrigerator did!

Major surgery put me out of business in 2006. It took quite awhile regain my full strength and stamina. And as I have gotten older, the weight has been sneaking up on me.

The refrigerator caused my weight gain.

The refrigerator caused my weight gain.

I would have posted a picture of my belly. But I am afraid of having my website shut down for being obscene!

I have tried all kinds of diets, fads, exercises, and everything else I can think of. It has been so difficult to stick with it. Lost weight, gained weight, gained weight, lost weight, gained weight.

This time is different. I spent countless hours reading and researching weight loss and how to lose belly fat. I have talked to my family doctor and a nutritionist.

So I have started this website, to chronicle my journey to a healthier “me.”

As of today, the 9th day of February 2017, I am 67 years old, weigh 265 pounds, am 72 inches tall, am diabetic, take high blood pressure medication, and have a chronically sore back.

I know from my past experience and what I have read is that to lose belly fat a person must:

1. eat healthily, find a diet plan if I must
2. find easy and healthy recipes
3. follow healthy tips and techniques
4. find and use products that contribute to my well-being
5. exercise

My GOAL is to improve my eating habits to improve my lifestyle and lose 50 pounds by October. As of May 22nd, I am half way there.

To reach my goal, I will:

1. exercise more by going back to the gym to do low impact aerobic exercises,
2. start doing yoga again to improve my flexibility and mobility,
3. reduce my carbohydrate intake (goodbye bread!), and
4. eat healthier. 

The 2 Week Diet

If you have comments, any questions or wish to share your experience with losing belly fat or your weight loss programs, please share by leaving a comment below. Thanks!

I want to help others improve their health and lose weight.

Please feel free to contact me. Just add a comment or email me. I love comments.

Email: glen at canseniorslosebellyfat.com