5 Terrific Ways to Make Fast Food Healthier Quickly

5 Terrific Ways to Make Fast Food Healthier Quickly

Learn 5 great ways to make healthier fast food choices.

Most of us know fast food is generally unhealthy for us. But fast food is cheap, tasty, and so convenient that we don’t always think twice before eating it.

hamburger and french fries is a typical fast foodTo make matters worse, the food industry spends millions in researching ways to make food tastier, have the right crunch, and mouthfeel. Processed and fast foods are being designed to change our brains and addict consumers to food. Who remembers the old Lay’s Potato Chips commercial that stated, “Bet you can’t eat just one!”?

If you want to eat and live healthier, fecome informed and start making better choices. We all do not have the luxury of extra time to make home-cooked meals every day. So we eat fast food.

Here are five great ways you can make eating fast food healthier.

  • Downsize, not supersize

Food marketers use sneaky pricing tricks to convince consumers they are getting a bargain by choosing a larger meal or supersizing their beverage or side order items. Instead of ordering a large meal, try ordering a medium-sized meal instead. Eat a single patty burger instead of the the double or triple patty options. There really is not much difference in the sizes. But there is a big difference in calories and costs. So you will benefit in the long run. For seniors, ask for senior meals or beverages.

  •  Skip the side dishes

You do not always need to get sides with your fast food. Fast food restaurants frequently combine sides and beverages into meals as a convenience to consumers. (And to increase their profits because beverages and sides have high profit margins.) Many of us order sides such as fries out of habit. In most cases, we would not be hungry any more after just eating the main part of the meal, so there’s really no need to add on the extras just because it’s a deal or a habit.

  • Skip the secret sauce

There is a lot of sugar, calories and unhealthy features in the sauces that come with meals. If you ask for your food without sauce, you will be making a healthier choice. You can either swap the sauce to a healthier one, bring your own along or just get used to eating without it.

  • Don’t add salt

If you are ordering fries which already come with salt, ask them to make them without salt. Too much salt adds to an increase in blood pressure, which can result in a variety of health issues, such as strokes and heart attacks. If you ask for your food without salt, the staff will usually have to make it fresh, which means you’ll get better-tasting food too.

  • Go vegetarian

Because of all the processed meat which is being consumed today, going vegetarian is a quick and easy way to choose a healthier option. Even fast food chains such as McDonald’s have vegetarian burgers (currently in Europe). Approximately 10% of the Swedish population is vegan or vegetarian. So McDonald’s, for instance, has had veggie burgers in their restaurants for decades.

So the next time you are faced with eating fast food or nothing, consider these 5 tips for making a healthier meal.


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